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Syiok- Lah is fragrant rice cooked with coconut cream, traditionally served with fried anchovies and roasted peanuts. The star of our nasi lemak, the deep-fried Malaysian Ayam Berempa, is marinated with locally sourced South-East Asian spices. Charcoaled grilled chicken- satay, marinated for 24 hours, juicy meat on a stick, roasted on our flaming hot charcoal grill, combined with our addictive peanut sauce, and served with cucumbers and onions to dip Spicy Rice Noodle Curry Laksa Spicy rice noodles paired with chicken, prawns, fried tofu puffs, egg, and beansprouts. Garnished with home-grown laksa leaves and fresh coriander. Topped with optional sambal for a spicier and more savoury kick!