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After we got the news that Stu was being made redundant the day Emma went into labour we knew we had to make the most of the opportunity to really bring Pie-o-neers to life! 

Having only seen something similar once in over 10 years we couldnt wait to bring one of our favourite meals to the street food scene. 3 years in and a lot has changed but at the core we still have the same goals of serving great quality food, made locally and supporting other small businesses were possible too. 

This year we’ve managed to bring on a butcher to help with production whilst keeping the quality at top standards and also opened a sister business, The Bees Knees Cream Teas as a super tasty summer option too. 

As a small, family run business some of our favourite events are the family friendly ones because our 3 mischief makers will often join us and revel in the chaos! Fun fact, we have both worked as Chefs most of our lives with a combined total of nearly 30 years so when we say tasty food, and high standards we really mean it!