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Ninety Eight Cocktails

Pre-mixed ready-to-drink fresh fruit cocktails. Vegan, gluten-free, no artificial colours or flavourings, made with just pressed fruit, water and alcohol. Perfect to enjoy in the sun. 

“My first splash into the world of cocktail making was based on the recipes of my all-time favourites, with an authentically modern twist, of course. I vowed only to use the finest fresh ingredients and carefully-selected premium spirits. Together with the help of our mixologists, we’ve blended the perfect ready-made fruit-based cocktails waiting to be enjoyed. I was born in 1998 and aptly named my cocktail emporium after it. 98 Cocktails is my passion and a part of myself I wish to share with the world. I loved experiencing the fresh taste sensation, relishing in the simple fun of shaking the cocktails and sharing them with my friends, knowing they are 100% free from preservatives and colourants!”