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Kandy Kitchen

Kandy Kitchen Creations are a unique trader we think you are going to love.

They will be selling their beautifully packaged, pre-measured dry ingredients for classic, contemporary and exiting meals, saving you time and money. They have a range of soups, stews, risotto and puddings. Ingredients layered in ‘sand-art’ style in compostable packaging. Read a little bit about their story below…

“In the summer of 2017 we stayed with friends in Canada. It was a rural, farming community and there were craft fairs and markets where local produce was showcased. Local people shared and combined their home-grown products too! We hadn’t seen anything like this in the UK. So we set about working out if we could source natural ingredients and combine them into an attractive, easy to make package, resulting in our amazing soups, stews, risottos and puddings. And Kandy Kitchen Creations was born.”

What an amazing idea! We can’t wait to take a look at your stall in the summer