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Social distancing – we know it’s boring. We’re all sick of hearing about COVID this and that, but we need you to know we care. Your safety, along with our vendors and staff members, is the most important thing of all. Of course, because of the unpredictability of the pandemic and the regulations at any time, there’s always a chance the event could be cancelled (but we’d rather not think about that). Don’t worry, we have measures in place to make sure you’re not missing out if that’s the case. Even though we just want everything to go back to normal, there’s no doubt that we need to be careful at our festival. We need you to know we’ve got it sorted, and we have all the necessary measures in place to make sure there’s minimal risk when we can get together. 

We’ve all got our fingers crossed that by August, most of us will have our jabs and everything will be feeling more normal. But if not, we have a plan! We can put a one-way system in place, so that certain areas don’t get too crowded, and you can see all of our amazing traders without having to bump into other visitors on the way. Don’t worry, if you want to go back somewhere you always can, it just might be a longer way around, but it’ll do us all good to get a few more steps in after being cooped up for so long. 

Also, Scampston Hall has a massive 80 acres of parkland so we can really spread out to make sure that we’re all 2m apart. If we need to, we can have large spaces between each stall so you can queue safely if you want to chat to our traders or buy a product, and plenty of room all around so you can walk around the market areas freely. 

Basically, the point we want to make is that we know it won’t all be perfect by the time our food festival comes around, but we’ll do everything we can to put on our event, with your safety as the number one priority!!