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B’reyt Dough

Here’s a little intro to one of our fab Yorkshire Hot Food Traders we can’t wait to meet in the summer.

We are two friends, born and bred in Yorkshire, looking to put our hometown of Rotherham on the map for a high quality pizza experience. We met at college a decade ago and spent a month travelling Europe after our studies finished. Nowadays, whenever we get together it’s not long before we begin reminiscing about the mouth-watering taste of the pizzas during our stint in Napoli, Italy aged 18. Fast forward to today and our career paths couldn’t be more different. One of us (Luke) fell in love with the hospitality trade a long time ago and now manages a local Italian restaurant. The other (Adam) is much more comfortable in the classroom and spends his week as a full time teacher at a Rotherham primary/school. One thing we do share is a passion for good food (especially pizza) and so we’ve decided to bring this to the good folk of South Yorkshire. If you’re looking to add a Neapolitan quality pizza experience to your next event – it’ll B’reyt Dough!

We have a flexible menu where we add new toppings and styles. Every pizza is hand stretched to order with our own 24 hour slow fermented dough, using just four ingredients including 00 Neapolitan pizza flour. We then use the freshest Italian and locally sourced ingredients we can lay our hands on, from DoP San Marzano tomatoes for our sauce to locally grown and fresh market vegetables. Every pizza is stone baked in our Gozney Roccbox ovens at over 400°c for 90 seconds or less to create the perfect texture and incredible flavour for a pizza that’s fragrant, light and digestible that would be at home on the streets of Napoli.