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Besos de Oro

New trader alert! We can’t wait for you to try this amazing vendor’s product -Besos de Oro are bringing you their vegan Irish “cream” liqueur.. do we even need to say more to convince you to buy your ticket?! 

This liqueur’s name directly translates to “kisses of gold” – and rightly so. This liqueur is gluten, nut and dairy free, and there is never animal cruelty involved in it’s making. It has a reduced amount of sugar but even more taste. On their site, you can find a list of ways to make Besos de Oro into cocktails, from a grown up milkshake to a peppermint martini – you can turn it into anything you like, as this liqueur does not curdle and it doesn’t go off. 

There’s literally no reason not to try this fantastic new drink. Get yourself to Scampston Hall over the August bank holiday weekend and try it for yourself!!